Spotlight on Surveys

Open the Lines of Communication with Surveys

If you aren't surveying your referrers, patients (past and current), and employees, you're missing out on information critical to the success of your practice.

When you take the time to listen to these important groups, you'll not only gain valuable insights about your practice - you'll also enhance these relationships. Give them a chance to talk to you, to tell you what's important to them. Opening the lines of communication builds lasting relationships and drive loyalty.

Contact us for our affordable rate on complete survey campaigns. We'll help you ask the right questions and analyze the results from all of your participants for you, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best - providing quality care. We can deliver surveys via mail, fax, or email. We'll also help you determine your next steps once the survey results are in - whether that is a newsletter to communicate the results to your referral base, a patient re-activation postcard campaign, or training your staff to ensure high patient retention.

Why survey your referrers?  Information you learn from referrer surveys can help you:

  • Catch potential problems early on
  • Capitalize on what you're doing right
  • Market your practice - if you learn that 95% of your referrers rate your practice's care as "excellent," publicize that information on your brochures and website!

Why survey your patients?  Surveying past (lost) patients allows you to:

  • Drive lapsed patients back to your practice - the investment to get a new patient is huge; your best investment is your current patient base
  • Assess your practice from the patients' perspective
  • Measure your patient satisfaction score - share your high scores with referring physicians to build loyalty
  • Determine what you can do to better meet patient needs and stay competitive

Why survey your employees?  They're the face of your practice - surveying their job satisfaction is essential to:

  • Enhance your work environment and productivity
  • Increase patient satisfaction scores - if your staff is happy and friendly, your patients are likely to respond in kind
  • Determine if staff training is necessary

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