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Our focus is gaining new, preferred referrals for your practice. While we call on your existing referral network to insure continued growth, we actively call on new or under-served sources for new referrals.

We are able to educate Physicians and staff on new procedures and technology unique to your practice while we emphasize the value of your outcomes and the procedural experience of you and your associates. We utilize multiple formats to achieve this – from simple brochures and marketing materials to webinars, CDs, or a competent discussion based on a clinical research study.

Every colleague is different, and we take an individual approach with everyone. We take the time to uncover the true needs and interests of each referral partner in an effort to build a professional relationship, create value, and establish the trust needed to gain lasting referrals. Click here to download an example Marketing Audit Report, which all new clients receive.

Most of our customers utilize us on an on-going basis, but some bring us in for temporary assignments. This can be especially advantageous to:

  • Build referrals based on a recent equipment purchase or a new procedure capability
  • Attract more lucrative referrals
  • Gain new referrals for a specific favored procedure

Follow up is critical. We take the time to insure that your new referral colleagues are completely satisfied with your care and service so that the relationship grows.

Ask us about our new price per call approach. You can benefit from our services without a long-term contract!

Read about our marketing and field representation options, and check out an example Marketing Audit Report, which outlines an initial practice marketing plan and gives you an idea of what working with Practice-Reps is like.

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Call us, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST) at: 610.310.1621

Or Email us at info@practice-reps.com