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Building a Liaison Sales Force
Posted 3.2.2016

Clients often ask us about our territory strategy, are we just going out and calling on everyone or is there a thoughtful process to our approach. 
Yes, we do have a strategy based on our extensive experience in marketing other specialty practices as well our background in sales management with Fortune 100 companies.  This process is found in written format in our employee training manual and it is implemented weekly in our field travel with each of our reps.
Take a look:
The account priority strategy is a guide line to how often you see accounts in order to close or maintain them.  It’s a fluid system where you are continually changing and updating the list as you bring on new referral sources for our clients.
For example:
“A” accounts are those where you expect to see new referrals within the next three months.  See them about every two weeks.
“B” accounts are those where you expect to see new referrals within the next six months.  See them about every month or two.
“C” accounts are those where you expect to see new referrals within six to nine months. See them about every two to three months.
“D” accounts are maintenance accounts where we already have all of their business or accounts where we don’t expect to get any business.  See them about every four to nine months because things change.  Even accounts where we are blocked out….things change and the business goes to those who show up.

When you first start out in a territory you want to, ideally, see all potential practices in your territory so that you can assess them and determine where they fit into this priority strategy.
1) Start with current referral sources to make sure referrals are secure and we’re getting our full share of their referrals
2) Then see lost or reduced referral sources in an effort to regain their business.
3) Then see those offices who send very little or no referrals at all.  Again, assess our chances of gaining new referrals at this site and categorize them accordingly.
Yes, you can take feedback from our client and see practices that they recommend but don’t let them dictate your field strategy, stay focused on your target accounts as much as possible.
Now…you can start to categorize your territory in the first round of visits!  Sometimes we get lucky and a doctor and staff will commit to send during our first meeting….this is now an “A” account.  Once this account begins to send regularly over three months…it then moves into the “D” account column as a maintenance account.
Lastly, be sure to create some value each time you visit a referral source.  “Value” might be bringing in an insurance guide with NPI numbers.  Refilling their fax referral forms.  Educating them on an ancillary service we provide.  Showing them a clinical study detailing a procedure that our client performs regularly.  For this reason…don’t bring all of your marketing materials into the first call, instead use them as value “tools” when you return.  Use them as a “reason” to be in front of the referral source.  And remember, sell from the front of the office to the very back of each practice building consensus along the way.

So, yes as you can see there is a strategy used to get the best return on your investment dollars and it’s based on our experience building billion dollar companies and million dollar practices.  It takes some time but with a little patience and persistence we can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
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