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Practice-Reps Moves into Orthopedic Marketing
Posted 11.1.09

Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Associates, Ltd. (OSMA), a division of Premier Orthopaedics, has signed an agreement with Practice-Reps to market their clinical capabilities in the Delaware County suburbs of Philadelphia.

"Liaison marketing is not new in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery. Other practices employ this approach and we have a team of liaisons within Premier corporate. Our liaisons, however, tend to focus on the ancillary capabilities of our practices. We like the fact that Practice-Reps employs professionally trained sales and marketing personnel who ask the tough questions that get to the root of the referral relationship. They're able to discuss the clinical capabilities of our core business so that we can continue to grow our referrals and consults for surgery. Their sales skills and real world business experience should help to differentiate us as we take on some of the perceived giants in corporate orthopedic medicine," said Mike Enriquez, CEO of OSMA.

"We're excited about applying our proven approach to direct marketing in the orthopedic setting with Mike and his team. They have a talented staff of highly accomplished surgeons with a proven 30-year track record. This engagement will put us up against a marketing powerhouse in orthopedic surgery here in the Philadelphia market. Fortunately, I've spent the majority of my career going up against the 800-pound gorilla, and succeeding, and I think we'll do the same here," said Mike Ranson, Managing Partner of Practice-Reps.

"This scenario, where your practice is being encroached by a larger, more aggressive practice requires a much different skill set than the average physician liaison is accustomed to. They no longer have time for a collegial competitive approach. We need to get down in the trenches and develop a strategic, effective approach that allows this practice to maintain and grow its referral base," explained Al Romanelli, Practice-Reps Associate.

"We sink our teeth into every engagement, but this one should be particularly fun for us. We are an extremely competitive team by design and we're eager to enter this engagement to prove our mettle to Mike and the medical community at large," said Ranson.

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