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Associated Cardiologists of Harrisburg, PA Signs Marketing Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 9.3.09

Associated Cardiologists, an 18-person group based in Harrisburg, PA recently signed an agreement with Practice-Reps to begin marketing their cardiology services in the greater Harrisburg area and beyond in an effort to further grow the ancillary services of this 31-year-old practice.

"Despite the fact that we are currently running at near full capacity for our services, we believe that Practice-Reps can help take us to the next level, where we will need to add additional capacity to accommodate continued growth," said Allen Glotfelty, CEO of Associated Cardiologists. "We believe that full capacity is simply a signal of increased market demand and growth potential for our practice. The Practice-Reps approach to personal marketing should help us achieve that next level of growth."

Explained Mike Ranson, Managing Partner of Practice-Reps, "Mature, busy practices like this seem to really benefit from our medical marketing services. Referral sources know that they are responsible, in part, for the growth of a large practice and they seem to appreciate the service and education offered by our service rep and the group that they refer to."

"Practice-Reps is unique in that it is a full service turn-key medical marketing firm which leads the marketing initiative with a service rep who calls on our referral colleagues. This field person then comes back and helps us develop the right marketing materials and tools needed to serve our community and referral network. We tried to work with traditional advertising firms in the past, but it seemed like a shotgun approach with little ROI. The Practice-Reps approach lets us target our referral sources directly," said Glotfelty.

"Changes in reimbursement from CMS and others will have a huge impact on practices in 2010. Allen and his team are taking a proactive approach now in anticipation of these cuts and we expect that we can help them keep their revenue levels at, or well above, their current trends," said Ranson.

For more information on Practice-Reps, contact Heather Smith at or call 610-323-4793.

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