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Cardiovascular Management Systems Signs Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 7.28.09

Cardiovascular Management Systems (CMS) recently signed an agreement with Practice-Reps to market their diagnostic vascular labs in the Northeast region.

"Tom Cona, President of CMS, contacted us as a result of work we had done for another lab company and a billing firm we currently market. It seems that our reputation for effective return on investment is growing within the medical community," said Mike Ranson, Managing Partner of Practice-Reps.

"Practice-Reps' experience and contacts in the cardiovascular community were a natural fit for us. They have a good, long-standing reputation with physicians in the Delaware Valley and they seem to know anyone and everyone connected to cardiovascular diagnostics in the Tri-State area. We chose their approach to personal marketing because we had done this ourselves in another firm with great success. In fact, the results were overwhelming at the time. Today, we prefer to outsource this responsibility because they are the experts in this approach to managing and motivating a remote team of marketing professionals," said Tom Cona, President of CMS.

In addition to marketing specific CMS labs for more referrals, Practice-Reps will work to recruit more vascular specialists to partner with CMS in establishing practice-based vascular diagnostic labs.

"CMS has a 17-year history of training and developing the most highly skilled vascular technicians. They pay them well and treat them well, and they have very little turnover. They provide a practice with a turn-key operation where the physician is able to bill for the reading while CMS handles all of the administrative, billing, and management issues. This is a proven solution for our clients who are eager to add low maintenance ancillary services to their practice," said Ranson.

Practice-Reps will combine our 16 years of growing referrals to the 17-year history of CMS to increase vascular diagnostics at one site with plans for expansion based on results for the entire CMS network of labs.

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