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Chiropractic Practice and Vein Centers Recognize the Direct Marketing Value of Practice-Reps
Posted 4.23.10

Summit Spinal Care of Moorestown, Nj and Delaware Valley Vein Centers have signed on with Practice-Reps marketing in April of 2010.

“Like many Chiropractic offices we have tried a variety of marketing approaches over the past several years but we feel strongly that the primary care community will refer to us once they know of our capabilities. We have a strong PT component to our practice combined with a conservative approach to spinal decompression. Once physicians know more about these therapies we’re sure to realize a significant increase in local referrals. We feel that the Practice-Reps approach to direct marketing to referral sources will get us where we need to be.” Said Josh Sherlock, D.C.

Delaware Valley Vein Center has been advertising locally on billboards, place mats, and other venues for the past two years. Dr. John Flanagan, founder of DVVC made the bold move to suspend his media advertising for a year in favor of the direct marketing approach offered by Practice-Reps, LLC. “John has a great reputation as a Vascular Surgeon in this community and we’re helping him to carry over that reputation into the vein care arena. We’re combining some free media efforts aimed towards the general public with our direct approach to referral marketing to get the word out about his enhanced vein center.” Said Michael Ranson, Managing Partner of Practice-Reps.

Physician to Physician referrals, Patient to patient referrals, and web site SEO capabilities have become the cornerstones of our marketing efforts for most of the specialists we market today. We believe that the old days of Yellow page ads and billboards are gone for good. Patients and their families are much more sophisticated than ever. Even elderly patients, while they may not be web savvy, they usually have children who are and your web site better come up in the first page or two when they’re researching providers for their parents.

Practice-reps can put these three cornerstones into use at your practice today. Call us for a personal consultation at 610-323-4793 or see us on line at

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