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Hospitals are now working with Practice-Reps Marketing
Posted 4.6.10

These days most hospitals have an established marketing department whose job is designed to market the brand and over-all capabilities of the institution they serve. These folks are usually very good at this task as they normally come from the advertising and public relations field where they learned the nuances of marketing healthcare to the general public.

Hospital based marketing teams are normally focused on media, health fairs, branding, and other means of advertising designed to drive the over-all business of the hospital. Some departments even try to drive certain service lines within the hospital via billboards, TV, radio and print ads, etc.

Very few of these departments are skilled and experienced in driving referrals for individual practices because all of their experience is based in institutional marketing due to simple economies of scale and politics. They cannot market one practice over another for fear of alienating other practices and their budget is designed to benefit the widest array of practices as possible.

Stark laws also have an impact here. By law, Institutions cannot market a non hospital owned practice as it may be seen as an inducement.

At Practice-Reps, we invested in Stark law counsel to learn exactly what we could and could not do to benefit individual practices that are affiliated with a hospital, both private and hospital owned. We know exactly what we can or cannot say or do to market practices within the Stark law guidelines.

We took this legal counsel and combined it with our 17 years of private practice marketing to help drive referrals to individual practices within a hospital service line. Unlike the hospital based marketing departments, we are not advertising and PR focused. Now, private practices and hospital owned practices alike can benefit from direct marketing to the community referral network.

Call us today to see how we can benefit your hospital or practice with direct medical practice marketing. Call us at 610-323-4793 or write

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