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Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia Begins Trial with Practice-Reps
Posted 2.9.09

Pottstown, PA -- Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia (CCP), an 80-person/18-site cardiology practice based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has entered into an agreement with Practice-Reps to market the capabilities of one Philadelphia site to the surrounding community.

"Practice-Reps has agreed to market CCP on a site-by-site basis with one Philadelphia office serving as the first test site.  When this trial is successfully completed, we hope to expand to other CCP sites on an as-needed basis," explained Michael Ranson, Founder of Practice-Reps.

"The management team at CCP believes in the concept of personal, one-on-one marketing. In fact, they tried this in the past but found it difficult to effectively manage remote personnel.  The advantage of Practice-reps is that we employ and manage these people on a day-to-day basis for our clients.  Once we become fully acquainted with their entire practice, we should be able to move from site to site as we emphasize new capabilities or new associates within their entire network," said Al Romanelli, Senior Advisor with Practice-Reps.

"CCP has recognized the value of our unique, personal approach to marketing their practices' capabilities to the primary care community. Our company assigns our own local, dedicated representative to each site so that they gain an in-depth understanding of the practices' capabilities and the community referral patterns. Our rep then works with our in-house design team to produce customized marketing materials for each practice, but more importantly, they use these materials when they visit a client's referral network. It's this personal representation in the referral community that sets us apart from traditional marketing firms," said Ranson.

Practice-Reps, LLC was formed by Michael Ranson and his associates to meet the needs of specialty practices that require experienced marketing support on a part-time basis. In addition to personal representation, the company is able to offer a full range of turn-key marketing services from brochure and flyer design to website management and patient education materials customized to each practice.

"We felt there was a need for specialty practices who wanted to promote their capabilities on a personal level with a team of professionals who bring a track record of return on investment in the medical marketing industry. The literature has shown that practices that institute a rep-based marketing program can experience an increase of referrals by 20-48% over the previous year. This is still an emerging trend in medical practice management and we bring a unique set of skills and experience to the table," explained Ranson. "My experience in medical sales and marketing management and my associates' extensive hands on experience as practice reps enable us to hire, train, mentor, and manage a dedicated rep for each of our clients. This works especially well for practices that aren't used to managing remote employees. They find it hard to manage a rep's activities, goals, and accountability, but that's what we do. We are accustomed to managing remote employees and we know how to monitor their activities to gain results for our clients."

Some practices do not warrant the cost of a full-time marketing rep, so Practice-Reps offers its services on a part-time basis, giving clients an experienced marketing team without the burden of hiring more employees. "The market seems to agree as we now represent various specialists -- gastroenterologists, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists, radiologists, sleep specialists, ENTs, physical therapists, and more,"  said Ranson.

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