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Vein Center of Central Pennsylvania Signs Marketing Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 1.6.10

The Vein Center of Central Pennsylvania represents Practice-Reps' first efforts in marketing a solo practitioner. Dr. Train and his staff have been serving the needs of vein therapy patients since 1995 in the Harrisburg area with a unique multi-discipline approach to varicose vein/spider vein treatment. Vein repair is a growing trend among many practitioners and there are few with Dr. Train's breadth of experience.

Dr. Train visited our website and read our growing list of case studies. Many firms claim experience in marketing practices, but very few publish examples of their work. Dr. Train and his administrator, Kathy, have tried numerous avenues of marketing in the past – everything from radio to newspaper and other print ads, but they found our approach to direct marketing to referral sources to be an intriguing concept. "It just makes common sense – people respond to people," said Kathleen Train, administrator.

"We plan to analyze their current marketing efforts to see which ones to keep and which to throw out based on ROI. We expect that we'll be able to pay for our services by shifting the costs of under-performing marketing tools to our direct marketing efforts so that their current marketing budget remains the same," said Al Romanelli, Senior Associate with Practice-Reps.

Explained Mike Ranson, Practice-Reps founder, "Vein centers traditionally take the approach of marketing directly to the public through billboards, ads, and brochures, but nobody seems to have found the secret to building a highly successful vein practice. This direct-to-referral approach should allow us to reach hundreds of vein repair patients from each and every referral physician we target. It's simply a matter of education and strong follow-up. Based on our experience with other vein centers, this strategy should prove to be a much more effective return on investment."

Founded in Pennsylvania, Practice-Reps now maintains offices in Philadelphia and Atlanta to serve practices along the entire East Coast. For more information contact Heather Smith, Marketing Administration at or call 610-323-4793.

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