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Liaison Territory strategy: What works
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Building a Liaison Sales Force
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The Top 10 Strategies to Build Awareness of your practice
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MGMA Mkt. Survey Results
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Lean Six Sigma on Referral Marketing
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Referrals are alive and well despite healthcare integration
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Is your marketing rep productive? How can you tell?
Posted 11.26.14

The importance of consistent messaging.
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Practice-Reps recently signed two new agreements with clients in Southern New Jersey
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Referral Rep Training for your employees
Posted 9.24.13

Avoid these costly marketing mistakes
Posted 9.10.13

CASE STUDY 0026 – We look for opportunities to serve your referral sources on your behalf
Posted 8.14.13

Practice-Reps signs agreement to market Balance Centers in New Jersey
Posted 7.24.13

CASE STUDY 0025 – Hospital Owned Cardiology Practices
Posted 4.4.13

Practice-Reps are proud to introduce our new Sister Company; Armstrong Business Development.
Posted 1.21.13

Posted 6.18.12

Hiring vs Contracting Your Practice-Rep
Posted 5.8.12

Medical referral marketing in USA Today, Wall Street Journal
Posted 4.26.12

To drive patients and referrals to your medical practice is it better to hire your own employee or to contract with a professional marketing firm?
Posted 4.20.12

MGMA data analysis guides the way
Posted 2.28.12

Contract business development continues to drive Practice-Reps revenue
Posted 1.26.12

Practice-Reps develop strategic alliance to bring financial and practice management services to the specialty practice community.
Posted 1.03.12

Vein Center Marketing
Posted 3.25.11

MRI, Vein Care, Fertility, and CR Surgery sign on in February, 2011
Posted 2.23.11

Practice-Reps are continuing to expand and grow at an exponential rate.
Posted 8.23.10

Chiropractic Practices and Vein Centers Recognize the Direct Marketing Value of Practice-Reps
Posted 4.23.10

Hospitals are now Working with Practice-Reps Marketing
Posted 4.6.10

OB/GYN practice signs with Practice-Reps
Posted 3.28.10

Oregon Sleep Center to Benefit from Practice-Reps Marketing
Posted 2.15.10

Practice-Reps Georgia Opens Its Doors
Posted 1.11.10

Vein Center of Central Pennsylvania Signs Marketing Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 1.6.10

Multi-Specialty Group Practice Set to Engage Practice-Reps
Posted 12.10.09

Practice-Reps Moves into Orthopedic Marketing
Posted 11.1.09

New Price Per Call Approach Attracts Two New Practices to Practice-Reps' Marketing Services
Posted 10.1.09

Associated Cardiologists of Harrisburg, PA Signs Marketing Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 9.3.09

Practice-Reps Will Display at the Maryland MGMA State Conference in September
Posted 8.17.09

Cardiovascular Management Systems Signs Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 7.28.09

MGMA's Vice President Comments on the Correlation Between Patient Numbers & Bottom Line
Posted 7.13.09

Sterling Medical Financial Services Signs Agreement with Practice-Reps
Posted 7.7.09

New Case Study: Practice Marketing Results in Five Straight Years of Growth for a Central PA Cardiology Practice
Posted 7.6.09

New Case Study: Practice Marketing Increases Referrals for a New Jersey Cardiology Practice Year After Year
Posted 6.12.09

New Case Study: Physician Liaison Marketing Increases a Southeast Pennsylvania Cardiology Practice's Referrals by 287%
Posted 6.11.09

Practice-Reps Signs Agreement to Market New Podiatry/Surgery Center
Posted 6.1.09

Practice-Reps Brings Sales and Marketing to the Business of Medical Practice Management
Posted 6.1.09

Practice-Reps Begins a New Focus on Maryland Practices that Require Professional Marketing & Sales
Posted 5.29.09

Practice-Reps Increases a Neurology/Sleep Medicine Practice's Referrals by 78%
Posted 5.28.09

Practice-Reps Introduces 5 New Cost-Effective Options for Your Practice
Posted 4.7.09

Practice-Reps Increases a Gastroenterology Practice's Revenue by $1.2 Million
Posted 3.31.09

Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia Begins Trial with Practice-Reps
Posted 2.09.09

Practice-Reps Signs Agreement with Navix Diagnostix, Inc. to Represent and Market Diagnostic Centers in Pennsylvania
Posted 11.16.08