Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: How are you different from other medical marketing firms?

Answer: Other marketing firms try to be all things to all people in all geographies. They claim that they can help you with "virtual house calls" over the phone, one-day on-site consultations, even two-day seminars where they claim to teach you all that you need to know about marketing. The problem is that it is then your responsibility to implement and manage the entire marketing process in your spare time.

At Practice-Reps, we do your marketing for you! We're in your office on a weekly basis, we work in your community with your referrals, and we essentially become a part of your staff on a part-time basis.

We are flexible and able to adapt to our clients' needs. We surveyed current clients and lost prospects and have adjusted our pricing accordingly. Ask us about our new price per call approach - no more long-term contracts required!

Would you prefer a firm that boasts thousands of clients or a handful? At Practice-Reps, we've worked with the same clients week in and week out for years. We're in their office, we're a part of their team, we serve their community…for years. It's probably easier to claim thousands of clients when you only work with them during a two-day seminar or over the phone. We just don't happen to believe in that approach.

Question #2: Why do I need to "sell" my practice?

Answer: There is an old saying: "People don't want to be marketed TO…but they do want to be communicated WITH." While we're all trained in sales and marketing and we do use these skills to gain entry and build relationships, we are essentially your communication arm in the field. Referral patterns are often habit based and not always to the benefit of the patient. We use our sales and marketing skills to change these habits and acquire more patients who truly need your services and care.

Question #3: Would other doctors see us as needy?

Answer: No. This truly is an emerging trend in practice management and hospitals in your community have taken a similar approach for years with a "Hospital Liaison" who calls on the PCP community. Imaging centers, physical therapists, and specialists of every kind have begun to employ this approach of personal representation over the past ten years. At Practice-Reps, we’ve taken this concept up a few notches by providing you with the highest caliber, professionally trained and educated executives who represent and market you with the high standards you demand.

Question #4 : How are you received by the referring community?

Answer: Most practices seem to appreciate the fact that you value their referral relationship. They know that they contribute to the growth of your practice and appreciate the fact that you are fostering this process with a professional service representative.

Question #5: How do you get in the door?

Answer: Everyone at Practice-Reps has been professionally trained in sales and marketing. We've gone through courses in behavioral science to learn how to listen and uncover the needs of those we serve…and we serve everyone in your referring community: the front desk clerk, the schedulers, nurses, doctors -- everyone is important in the referral process and we give them the respect and time they deserve on your behalf. The three P’s help as well… we're polite, professional, and persistent.

Question #6: Who do you target for referrals?

Answer: When we conduct our marketing audit in your office, we make a special effort to clearly identify all past, current, and future referral sources. We then target your current sources to ensure your current referrals while we work to gain back those who split their referrals. From there, we meet with past sources to address any concerns or misconceptions in an effort to regain those referrals. Once your current and past sources are growing, we meet with all potential new sources of referrals to educate and "sell them" on the capabilities of your practice.

Question #7: How long does this take before I see a return?

Answer: We do not require a long term contract. We do this because we know you will begin to see results within the first 90 days of our engagement. The results in this period may not show to your top line, but you will begin to see incremental growth by individual physicians and practices. After about six to nine months you will see a very positive impact to your top and bottom line.

Question #8: How many practices do you see for us?

Answer: We meet with eight practices per day, on average. We prefer to focus on the quality of the meeting rather than quantity. Some days we may meet with ten practices, while other days when we have a "lunch and learn" scheduled for you, we may only meet with five practices. Dense geographies may allow for more meetings but again, we try to emphasize quality time over quantity.

Question #9: Who do you talk to?

Answer: Every practice has a different chain of command and decision process. You never know who will ultimately have the greatest impact to your referrals until you begin to build relationships within the practice. Of course we endeavor to meet and communicate with all of the physicians in each of your referral practices, but we also reach out to the front-line schedulers, nurses, and administrators -- essentially everyone in the practice who may have a positive influence.

Question #10: Whose business card do you use?

Answer: We meet with your referral sources under the title of your practice. We never mention the name of our company because we are there to serve you, not us. Our business card is your practice business card and our title is that of "Service Representative."

Question #11: Do you market competing practices?

Answer: No. In fact, we sign a non-compete agreement which defines your geography. We will not market another similar practice in your catchment area.

Question #12: Are you confidential?

Answer: Yes. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with every practice we market.

Question #13: What kind of marketing services do you provide?

Answer: We provide:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand/Identity Development
  • Logo Design
  • Newsletter Development and Bulk Mailing Services
  • Flyers, Brochures, and Folder Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail (ask about our "6-pack Mass Mailing Program")
  • Print Ads
  • Local Press Coverage
  • Speaking Engagement Management
  • Media, including Television/Radio Ads and DVD Production
  • Surveys (Click here to read about our survey capabilities)
    • Lost Patient Surveys
    • Referrer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Patient and Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Download a PDF of our full list of marketing capabilities.

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