Armstrong BD

With twenty years of contacts and relationships in the medical community in the Mid-Atlantic States, Practice-Reps, Inc. have spun off a new firm geared towards companies that want to do business with medical practices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

"Our firm has an extensive history of marketing specialists to other physicians here in the Mid-Atlantic States over the past twenty years. This business model takes us into most physician offices in our catchment area where we build relationships and trust necessary to change referral habits. This same level of entre and understanding can now benefit quality firms who wish to break past the gate keeper and gain an audience with decision makers in a rapid and ethical manner", says Mike Ranson, Founder of both Practice-Reps and Armstrong Business Development.

Business development calls for a different skill set than referral marketing but the basic infrastructure remains the same. "Our extensive database and knowledge of the playing field and culture allows us to create an impact much faster than an unknown direct hire. These reps remain as our employees and we are responsible for recruiting, managing, motivating, and monitoring them towards peak performance for your firm". We know the players in this medical market place and we know how to get our reps in front of them to the benefit of your company", says Ranson.

Accounting, legal, billing, transcription, recruiting, insurance, ancillary services, consultants in general can benefit from Armstrong's relationships and knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic medical community. The firm works with clients on a part time basis with no restrictive contracts and non-compete/non- disclosure agreements are considered for each engagement. You gain the benefit of a seasoned, educated, and trained professional with management oversight and direction on a part time, affordable basis.

This has no impact on Practice-Reps! "We will continue to grow and support existing and new clients who wish to increase their referrals just as we always have, Armstrong is simply an outgrowth of our long established entre and relationships in the medical community and each firm should prove to benefit the other" says Ranson.

For more information on Armstrong Business Development call 610-310-1621.

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